Touness fi el 9alb

مهما يصير ديما واقفين روح وحدة، يد وحدة، نفس واحد   ...

Event : Forum Economique Tunisie-France

Event : Forum Economique Tunisie-France

Forum Economique Tunisie-France Réussir Ensemble Aujourd'hui et Demain Havas Tunisia a organisé le Forum Economique Tunisie-France qui a eu lieu ce 1er février 2018. L'évènement…

Communities and Citizenship: Redesigned for a New World

Communities and Citizenship: Redesigned for a New World Who has the most power to effect change today? If you think it's the world's political leaders, you're in the minority. Our newest global study shows that the single greatest agent of change is "the people, empowered by social media." It's part of a shift that is seeing the responsibility for solving our most pressing challenges shared not just by the world's governments, but also by citizen-consumers and businesses.

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